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Nov 29, 2009 9:00am EST
that this is not an unending responsibility of the united states without limit. senator lugar pointed out the issue of cost. you know, we have over eight years in iraq and afghanistan under the bush administration not paid for any of those military operations. now that is coming home to reckon in terms of the huge deficit. we have to move forward and support this operation responsibly. but the president -- i think the key to the president's response is laying down a strategy, informing the american public of what's at stake, and i think that when they listen and when they hear, they will be supportive, but it will be a support that has to be continually developed and strengthened going forward. >> you've both mentioned the cost. let me ask you, we're going to talk to chairman david obey of the house proportions committee later in the program. he wants a special war surtax, wants it laid out, so the american people know, here's what's going to pay for iraq and afghanistan. senator reed, to you first, do you support that? do you think it should be broken out separately so the american people get a separate b
Nov 29, 2009 11:00am EST
to you first, what is the single biggest challenge for the president of the united states when he speaks to the united states, ed rollins? >> how long we're going to be there and equally as important what is the mission and how is the mission different than it was two years ago or four years ago. dechl democrats have to be convinced the president's party is very divided on this issue. i think he'll have the republican support he needs, but at the end of day, if this is not a bipartisan effort long-term they won't get the resources and funding to make it work. >> donna brazile, to ed rollins' point, the toughest sales job is the anti-war left of the democratic party. how does the president convince them to support him or keep quiet of the criticism? >> public support of the war has diminished across the board not just with the left, across the country and even across the world where we depend on troops from other countries to help us in afghanistan. the president gave a very thorough speech back in march, laying out our objectives. he said it was to dismantle, disrupt and destroy al qaeda
Nov 22, 2009 11:00am EST
by the position on the economy. i want to show you the map. this is the united states if you notice the elevation, the higher the state, the higher the unemployment rate. this is what happened last month, if the state is red, the rate went up last month. if the state is green, it came down a little bit in the last month. michigan has the highest in the country, but it came down a bit last month. nevada is high and it came down last month. look at all of the red. 29 states the rate went up last month. we asked in the cnn polling what do you think of economic conditions today? 82% say the economy is in bad shape and then you asked the follow-up question, politically who is to blame for this? right now 38% blame the republicans, 27% the democrats. in may it was 53% republicans and 21% democrats. so james carville if you're looking at that tep months or so in the obama administration. you see a trend in the polling. you're in charge now so you will get more in the blame. >> who are the 18% that didn't think it was bad. i'm curious about these people. >> you are. >> as you would expect that you get fu
Nov 22, 2009 11:00pm EST
at iraq, we look at iraq as a long-term strategic partner of the united states. the sacrifice is well worth it. what we're trying to do is build capacity and capability for not only the iraqi forces, the police, the iraqi army, but also stand up the rule of law. >> reporter: the rules got even tougher this year. a security agreement with the government of iraq now requires an arrest warrant signed by an iraqi judge to detain someone. michael waddington represents joseph mayo, one of the three sergeants who shot a detainee. would you be surprised if other soldiers have done the same things that these three soldiers did when they pulled the trigger? >> no, that wouldn't surprise me at all. soldiers will do what they have to do to stay alive following the law. but if the law and the rules don't protect them, then soldiers will do what they have to do to make sure they come back alive and their buddies come back alive. >> reporter: but do the frustration over these new standards of evidence lead to murder? did your husband reach his breaking point? >> there's never an excuse to execute an
Nov 22, 2009 12:00pm EST
's income in the united states actually declined during the bush recovery. so our working families are trying to recover, not just from one recession but two. this is not just a short-term issue but about stimulus it's a long-term issue about where we are headed with this economy and i do think that we need to turn more of our attention to that. i think that we need to do much more to give small business access to loans again so they can start hiring again. we haven't done a good enough job at that. we really do need to turn our focus in a very meaningful way to mainstream. >> as you may say, he says "we" we're being polite. does the president's team need to did a better job? >> sure. i think that we all need to did a better job. i voted against the t.a.r.p. funding because i thought that we weren't holding the financial community accountable enough for how that money was being spent. so i think we've got to look now at what more we can do, both sherrod and michael made the point, we need make sure business gets access to credit. we need to have a manufacturing policy. we need to d
Nov 22, 2009 9:00am EST
. you can imagine what lobby day looks like for oxygen in the united states congress. people come in and say, you should use this much oxygen at that price. it has nothing to do with patients, nothing to do with the quality of care or comparing a certain kind of treatment in one place to another. and i think if we can establish an infrastructure to really do that in a thoughtful way over time, not only can can we bend the cost curve, we can take the politics out of it and the quality of care will improve as well. >> i want to move on to some other issues. as a new senator that's on the ballot next year in a tough state, if you get to the final point and you are a critical vote for health care reform and every piece of evidence tells you, if you support that bill, you will lose your job, would you cast the vote and lose your job? >> yes. >> that tape will be held. i hate to tell you that, but that tape will be held. there's a lot of criticism this week. we saw unemployment in 29 states went up. in 29 states, the unemployment rate in step again. and there's been a lot of criticism o
Nov 30, 2009 1:00am EST
the united states. thousands of people took parts as the island nation celebrated its national day of defense. >>> big box stores, mega-chains, critics complain they drain the penalty out of neighborhoods. now in brooklyn, a chain reaction. how small business owners are adding locations without sacrificing flare. >>> hunting humans in africa for their body parts. the reason, witchcraft. it's a story you'll only see on cnn. for over 150 years, wells fargo has been putting our clients first. according to a leading independent research firm, in 2009 clients rated wells fargo advisors the #1 u.s investment firm for doing what's best for them. with advisors nearby and nationwide, we're with you when you need advice and planning expertise to meet today's challenges. wells fargo advisors. together we'll go far. >>> the final numbers are rolling in for the post-thanksgiving shopping frenzy. a survey by the national retail federation found that more people went shopping over this holiday weekend than last year, but they spent less per person. about $343 per person this year compared with $372 last yea
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)